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Let's Murder Marsha
Monk Ferris


Marsha Gilmore Joan Bue
Tobias Gilmore John Bullis
Virgil Baxter Fred Perry
Persis Devore Colleen Easton
Bianca Rochelle Nicolay
Lynette Thoren
Denise Decelle
Ben Quade Don Carter

Dianne Twietmeyer

Stage Manager
Carolyn Clark

Stage Crew
Paul Twietmeyer
Will Elliott
Marylin Carter
Don Carter

Jacquie Trytten


A happy housewife happens to be obsessed with murder mysteries. The laughs begin when Marsha
overhears a conversation that has her convinced that she is about to be murdered.
When she tries to turn the tables on her would be murderers, all hell breaks loose in the household.

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