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The Mice Have Been Drinking Again
by Cleve Haubold


Julie Joanne Muldoon
Jerry Shannon Klatt
Roxanne Heidi Monro
Harold Brad Holt

Doug Waldner
Gwen Johnston

Technical Crew
Paul Twietmeyer
Chris Hansen
Fred Perry
Doug Waldner

Costume and Make-up
Marion Biram

Posters and Program
Marylin Carter

Saskatchewan Community Theatre Inc.
Moose Mountain Arts Council
Don Carter
Stoughton Arts and Entertainment Center
Carolyn Clark
Beatrice Martel
Tim Brady
Joan McDonald
Judy Monro


Jerry and Julie Reed are a happy young couple livinging a small apartment. Roxanne is a scatter-brained pest spending
most of her time in Zen meditation in the closet, which does not allow much privacy. Jerry
decides to get Roxanne out of the house for the night by fair means or foul. The fair means doesn't work,
so Jerry fakes a date from a computer dating service with the help of the unusually incompetent Albert of
Albert's Talent Agency. This does not work out too well but Roxanne's maternal instincts are aroused as
she forgives Albert and leads him to her meditation closet. This screwy comedy is filled with ingenious
comic situations and laugh-packed surprisees.

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