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by Dan Goggin


Sister Robert Anne Dianne Twietmeyer
Sister Mary Leo Samantha Twietmeyer
Sister Mary Cordelia Michelle Amy
Sister Mary Amnesia
Heather Pontius
Sister Mary Hubert Linda Coffey

General Management
Don Carter

Music Direction and Arrangements
Dianne Twietmeyer

Musical Accompaiment
Junella Weiss-piano
Clayton Johnstone-keyboard

Tasey King
Dawn Barker

Carolyn Clark
Regina Summer Stage
Estevan Tourism

Dawn Barker

Carlyle Cornerstone Theatre Members
Estevan Tourism and Dawn Tedford
Juke Box - artistic credit Neven Stoski

Stage Crew
Will Elliott
Paul Twietmeyer
Kevin Bryant

Jacqui Trytten

Artistic Design
Marylin Carter

Will Elliott
Dennis Coffey
Daniel Segal

Dinner Theatre Co-ordinators
Leisa Grimes
Marylin Carter


The Little Sisters of Hoboken are in a deadly bind. Sister Julia, Child of God, the chef, accidentally killed 52 nuns
with her tainted vichyssoise soup. Luckily, 17 nuns were out playing bingo and were spared from the poisoned broth. Unfortunately,
the surviving sisters only had funds to bury 48 of the 52 stiff sisters.So they're holding the remaining four nuns in the freezer,
hoping to raise enough money for the burials before the health inspector catches up with them.
Your help is desperately needed! Come out to Nunsense, the surviving sisters' musical fund-raiser, and lend your support!

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Heather Pontius; Linda Coffey; Michelle Amy; Samantha Twietmeyer; Dianne Twietmeyer
Photos courtesy Dawn M. Barker, Carlyle Observer

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