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Past Productions

Cornerstone has traditionally held at least two major events each year.

April 2017 While the Lights Were Out
Dec. 2017 Carol

April 2016 It Runs in the Family
Dec 2016 Wake Up Little Scroogy

March 2015 Move Over Mrs. Markham
Dec. 2015 A Christmas Carol-The True Story

April 2014 Suite Surrender
Dec. 2014 A Community Christmas Carol

April 2013 The Game's Afoot
Dec 2013 Christmas at the Bar Humbug Ranch

April 2012 Unnecessary Farce
Oct. 2012 And Now For Something Complete Different
Dec. 2012 A Christmas Carol-Tenth Anniversary

April 2011 Exit the Body
Dec 2011 A Christmas Carol-Remixed

April 2010 Out of Order
Oct 2010 We'll Meet Again
Dec 2010 Cornerstone Christmas Carol

March 2009 Not Now, Darling
December 2009 A Christmas Carol...slightly twisted

April 2008 The Amorous Ambassador
Dec 2008 The Christmas Carol Project(2008)

May 2007 Lend Me a Tenor
Dec 2007 The Housewarming

May 2006 Moon Over Buffalo
Dec 2006 Comin Uptown

Dec 2005 What the Dickens!
April 2005 Don't Dress For Dinner
Oct 2005 Halloween Haunt at the Hall

Dec 2004 The Christmas Carol Project

Oct. 2004 The Foursome
April 2004 Let's Murder Marsha
Dec 2003 Scrooge
Oct 2003 Nunsense
April 2003 See How They Run

Dec 2002 Ballad of Carlyle: A Town of the Move
May 2002: A Perfect Wedding

Dec 2001: The Wedding
May 2001: Move Over Mrs. Markham
Feb 2001: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Dec 2000: The Many Nights of Christmasy(no info at moment)
May 2000 Not Now Darling

Feb 1999 Reminiscence and Remembrance(no info at moment)
Mar 1999 Why Bump Off Barnaby?
Dec 1999 Boar's Head

March 1998 Let's Go On With the Show
May 1998 Play On
Nov 1998 Let's Go On With the Show-reprise
Dec 1998 Christmas at the Lake Revisited

May 1997 Opening Night
Sept 1997 Let's Go On With the Show
Dec 1997 Phantom of the Christmas Opera

Dec 1996 A Cornerstone Christmas Carol
Apr 1996 The Odd Couple

Dec 1995 City Park Christmas
June 1995 We'll Meet Again(Carlyle and Brandon)
Mar 1995 Lie, Cheat, and Genuflect

Dec 1994 The Boar's Head Feast
Apr 1994 Murder Most Fouled Up

Dec 1993 Trouble Out West
Apr 1993 Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii

Dec 1992 A Woodland Christmas
May 1992 Three Murders and It's Only Monday

Nov 1991 The Mouse Trap

Dec. 1991 A Christmas Wish

Dec 1990 Santa's Workshop
Dec 1989 Christmas at the Lake(no info at moment)
May 1989 The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon

Nov. 1988 Moose Murders

Nov 1987 Bone Chiller
June 1987 Come With Me Lucille

Dec 1986 The Mice Have Been Drinking Again
Dec 1986 Karen and David
Feb 1986 Wish You Were Here
Feb 1986 Will Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On Here?
Feb 1986 Heroes
May 1986 We'll Meet Again

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