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Phantom of the Christmas Opera
written by Lois Punton


Gus, the janitor

Fred Perry

Tony, the stage manager Grant Taylor
Roman Cenurion Mary O'Brien
Peggy, the director Lois Punton
Vagrant/Street Angel Mary O'Brien
Doctor 1
Rae Ann Faber
Mary Heather Pontius
Nurse Dianne Twietmeyer
Maestro Clay Johnstone
Joey Mick O'Brien
Grace, the B & B proprietor Agnes Hewitt
Lisa, her daugher

Elizabeth Coffey

Teacher Lisa Slykhuis
Wise Guys Paul Twietmeyer
  David Slykhuis
  Lisa Slykhuis
Doctor 2
Debbie Bedecs
Husband of Doctor Russell McMillan
Street Chorus Linda Coffey
  Leisa Grimes
  Connie Chilcott
  Rae Ann Faber
  Dianne Twietmeyer
  Lori Brown

Students/Nativity Actors
Alexis Coffey, Jesse Twietmeyer, Laura Mortenson, Julie Brown, Kaitlyn Brown,
Samantha Twietmeyer, Brooke Slykhuis, Gina Mortenson, Bree Ann Slykhuis,
Sean Perry, Ryan Galloway, Kathrine Waldner, Matthew Waldner, Blake Slykhuis

Lois Punton

Stage Crew
Nick O'Brien
Doug Waldner
Mick O'Brien
Paul Twietmeyer

Mary O'Brien and cast

Marion Biram

Dianne Twietmeyer

Guitar...............Jim Galloway
Bass.................Terry Fraser
Drums.................Mark Roth
Keyboard......Clay Johnstone
Keyboard...........Lori Brown


A motley collection of hopeful actors is assembling to audition and rehearse the Christmas prouctions, "Don't Wait for an Angel" at the Angel Theatre. Gus, the theatre janitor, is full of memories of the past and regales them with tales of plays and acts performed in the old theatre, on this same site, long since burned to the ground. He nostalgically remembers the plush velvet seats, the gold leaf and especially the ghost of the Roman Centurion. The scene flashes back to the traditional Christmas pageant as if had been performed in the old theatre - it was always a great event, Gus tells us.Then the auditions and rehearsals for the new productions begin in earnest - it is a modern nativity - loosely tied to the original story - so Peggy the director informs us. It is just as well because the cast presents as a pretty rough crew - especially when first asked to learn the theme song "Don't Wait for an Angel" As the rehearsals progress, a number of mysterious happenings lead us to perhaps believe in old Gus's ghost story. Who really tidied the costume room? Who moved the keys? How did the rehearsal copy reappear? Which angel finally delivers the money that saves the production? To add to the confusion of rehearsals, a frazzled teacher and her inquisitive class visit the theatre. The actors struggle on towards opening night but not without the director yealling at one stage, "Will we open in a week?"

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