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Three Murders and It's Only Monday
by Pat Cook


Dr. Morrisey, a medical doctor Shannon Klatt
Danny O'Donnell, old ventriloquist Doug Waldner
Mary Tobias Melanie Lemieux
Harry Monday, a private eye Fred Perry
Tara Dillaise, a mysterious woman Betty Knechtel
Captain Mandrake, an old ship's captain
Don Carter
Lilly Dramkean, a lawyer Joan Bue
Humphrey Hopkins, a North American Indian Jas McConnell
Beatrice Smith, the doctor's aide Donna Perala
Larramoe Mandrake, an actor Don Carter
Hans, the gardener Doug Waldner
Rhea Tetley, the old woman next door Joan Bue
Thunder O'Brien, a mysterious man Don Carter
Tramp, a hobo Jas McConnell

Barb Haddow
Agnes Hewitt
Polly Cameron
Jean Milne

Lights & Sound
Dion Cochrane
Duane Hill


Three Murders and It's Only Monday takes place in the Peaceful Pines Sanitarium, where there has been a string of murders (saying how many gives away one of the play's best jokes). A wiseacre detective named Harry (revealing his full name gives away another good joke) arrives to solve the crime.

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